West London Library This Summer!

A very exciting arrival is now due any day here in West London – a baby girl!┬áSo with that, while she grows a bit to become an amazingly helpful demo baby, there will be limited library sessions this summer.

Melissa's expecting
Toddler wearing in pregnancy is totally possible, but listen to your body.

This week is the last week Melissa will be running the sessions, Monday in Fulham and Thursday in Kensington.

Ever so kindly, Azizah from the North London Sling Clinic will host three sessions for me in Fulham! The time will shift slightly to 10:30 to Noon and she will be available on these Mondays:

  • 20 June
  • 4 July
  • 15 August

For those coming on 4 July, you’ll get quite the deal – regular rental fees will apply even for a 6 week rental!

I will be back with a full library schedule starting in September.

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