We Start Again!

What a summer for us behind the scenes at Wear-a-Bye Baby. We are so excited to have welcomed Ruth into the world and start to get to know each other. Isaac is smitten, and so is the rest of the family!

We’ve been exploring our library collection with her, too, using all the carriers we didn’t use the first time. I don’t think a day has passed yet where she hasn’t been in a carrier of some kind, such is the life of baby number 2 and a daughter of a carrying consultant, huh?

A big THANK YOU to Azizah at the Sling Clinic and Library; North London who filled in for me in Fulham over the summer!

But we’re back this week and we’re using the restart for a few changes! Gone is the first, third, second, fourth calendar set up, but back to every other week, with an occasional skip for a family holiday. Our new schedule should be up on the website and Facebook calendars today. Both libraries are running this week, starting bright and early (for us!) at 10 am in Fulham tomorrow. On Thursday, we’re in Kensington from 1-3. I’m a bit nervous with my new crew to be honest!

We’re also simplifying our fee structure to be that carriers are rented for either £5 or £10 for a two week term. With that, we’re also offering paying by credit card at our library events with our new PayPal Here reader.

For the time being, consults will be here in my flat, but I expect that we will be up for travelling again soon. Be in touch and we can make arrangements!

And finally, we also bought a few more new carriers to try out, including a new Wrapsody Bali Breeze Hybrid Wrap and another Firespiral, Girasol, and Vanamo – plus a few new Connecta patterns. What?! What would you like to see next on my shopping list?

So excited for the fall and to be back officially!



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