About Melissa

At 7 months pregnant and preparing her move across the pond, Melissa received advice for buying baby stuff – imagine your future lifestyle. Since she hadn’t even been to London in over 15 years, that seemed impossible, so she took piece of advice #2 – wait and see. After moving into a basement flat and getting an emergency c-section with a bad back, she decided she needed a baby carrier immediately! Melissa sent husband Paul to a sling library, and he came home with a ring sling. That morphed into a love of woven wraps. It was her lifesaver, especially since baby Isaac wanted to eat hourly for the first three months!

Melissa started volunteering with Madeleine at the NCT sling library in October 2014 and learning about all the different kinds of baby carriers in her early training courses. Taking it one step further, together they started Wear-a-Bye Baby before Madeleine moved across the river to East Sheen at the start of 2016.

In October 2016 Melissa completed the Trageschule Certification, qualifying her to work with families with special health concerns, providing workshops, and generally being a baby carrier master. By using carriers, Melissa, Paul, and Isaac have travelled to over eight countries, and love the mobility, closeness, and versatility of babywearing. Plus, she’s proof that bad backs don’t need to get in the way of carrying heavy babies as Isaac is well into toddlerhood! 

In the summer of 2016, baby Ruth joined our family! Beyond the joy of starting motherhood again, it’s been so much fun trying all the carriers with a newborn and working through some of the highs and lows – like the time Ruth decided she didn’t want to be worn! And now, you might spot Melissa, with Isaac on her back and Ruth on her front, as they go about town. Say hi!

Before motherhood and moving to the UK, Melissa earned an MBA in International Business and consulted with companies to help them increase their overseas operations. She’s also worked in radio journalism and sales of all types, from chocolate to mortgages. Her consultative skills lend well to listening, evaluating, and solving baby carrier questions. She is also working with Kathleen Groves of Saltwater Rose Studio on The Wrap Show 2017 – it’s going to be pretty awesome. Check it out.

Trageschule LogoA British Association of Babywearing Instructors Member

Melissa is enjoying a sleepy cuddle on a walk outside London

Client Testimonial:

We spent a couple of hours with Melissa and went from knowing nothing to selecting the right sling for us and feeling confident about how to wear it. Melissa clearly knows her stuff and really took the time to explain the pros and cons of the available options. Spending time with Melissa was invaluable given the amount of time our baby will spend in the sling and the importance of making sure he is well supported. I cannot think of a better way to start out with baby wearing.

-Sarah, mum to Grayson